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The 10 Spot - Spoil Your Mom

Apr 29, 2011 05:42AM ● Published by Style

At any moment, your mom is just a phone call away, eager to listen to a problem or praise a recent achievement.

In honor of her, here are 10 ways to tell Mom thanks for that this Mother’s Day.

  1. Create a slideshow on a DVD of your favorite family photos with meaningful captions.

  2. Make her a beauty recipe book. Using a decorative journal, compile recipes for DIY facial and body treatments (find ‘em online).

  3. Host an at-home spa day for Mom and her pals. Set up stations for manis, pedis and face masks.

  4. Bring her breakfast in bed. It’s a classic!

  5. Live hours away? Upgrade your phone call to a Skype video chat.

  6. Treat her to a five-star dinner with you and your siblings.

  7. Give her a gift basket filled with her favorite items, like spa products or kitchen knick-knacks.

  8. Personalize anything. A robe, jewelry, photo frames – she’ll love anything with her name on it!

  9. Does she love wine tasting? Or yoga? Send her on a specialized retreat focused on one of her interests.

  10. Spend the day with her doing whatever she wants. It’s her day after all!

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