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2011 Readers' Choice Awards

Sep 30, 2011 06:17AM, Published by Style, Categories: In Print

Favorite Ice Cream/Frozen Treat Place

1. NuYo Frozen Yogurt
2. Rockin' Frog Yogurt & More
3. Big Spoon Yogurt

Favorite Smoothie Place

1. Jamba Juice
2. Planet Smoothie
3. Juice It Up!

Favorite Pizza Place

1. Chicago Fire
2. Pizzeria Classico
3. Ciro’s Pizza Café

Favorite Breakfast Place

1. Mary’s Gold Miner Café
2. The Purple Place
3. TIE: Early Toast and Sutter Street Grill

Favorite Brunch Place

1. Lake Forest Cafe
2. Sienna New American Grill
3. The Purple Place

Favorite BBQ Place

1. Back Forty Texas BBQ
2. BBQ Express
3. Texas West BBQ

Favorite Mexican Restaurant

1. Mexquite Cuisine and Tequila Lounge
2. Hacienda del Rio Restaurant & Cantina
3. TIE: La Fiesta Taqueria and Q’Bole!

Favorite Chinese Restaurant

1. Fat’s Asia Bistro
2. Hop Sing Palace
3. Folsom Sunny Garden

Favorite Seafood Restaurant

1. Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar
2. Land Ocean New American Steakhouse
3. Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse and Bar

Favorite Steakhouse

1. Sutter Street Steakhouse
2. Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse
3. Land Ocean New American Steakhouse

Favorite Italian Restaurant

1. Visconti’s Ristorante
2. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
3. Sergio’s Steak & Seafood



Favorite Sushi/Japanese Restaurant

1. Wasabi
2. Sky Sushi
3. Mikuni

Favorite Indian Restaurant

1. India House
2. Curry Club Indian Bistro
3. Ruchi Indian Cuisine

Favorite Thai Restaurant

1. Thai Paradise
2. Chantara Thai Cuisine
3. Thai Siam Restaurant

Favorite Place for Vegetarian Food

1. Freshii
2. Sunflower Natural Food Restaurant
3. Jack’s Urban Eats

Favorite Deli

1. Beach Hut Deli
2. Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop
3. Guido’s Deli & Wine Shop

Favorite Salad Place

1. Jack’s Urban Eats
2. Freshii
3. La Bou Bakery & Café

Favorite Bakery

1. Karen’s Bakery Café and Catering
2. Icing on the Cupcake
3. Château Arme



Favorite Overall Restaurant

1. Sienna New American Grill
2. Bidwell Street Bistro Wine Bar
3. Fat’s Asia Bistro

Favorite Romantic Restaurant

1. Bidwell Street Bistro Wine Bar
2. Sienna New American Grill
3. Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar

Favorite Outdoor Dining

1. Bistro 33
2. Relish Burger Bar
3. Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant & Cantina

Favorite Takeout Place

1. The Purple Place
2. Fat’s Asia Bistro
3. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Favorite Casual Restaurant

1. Dos Coyotes Border Cafe
2. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
3. The Purple Place

Favorite Family Restaurant

1. BJ’s Restaurant and Brew-house
2. Chili’s Grill & Bar
3. Red Robin

Favorite Waitperson

1. Matthew Warren at Land Ocean New American Steakhouse
2. Michelle Serrano at Bidwell Street Bistro Wine Bar
3. Janet Cheng at Wasabi House

Favorite Chef

1. Wendi Mentink at Bidwell Street Bistro Wine Bar
2. Russell Landers "Chef Russ" at Your at Home Chef
3. Jon Nelson at Sienna New American Grill

Favorite Caterer

1. Bocca Catering
2. Karen’s Bakery Café
3. Beth Sogaard Catering

Favorite Coffee

1. Starbucks
2. Peet’s Coffee & Tea
3. Coffee Republic



Favorite Sports Bar

1. Manderes
2. Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Folsom Sports Garage Sports Bar & Grill

Favorite Bar

1. Folsom Lake Bowl
2. Powerhouse Pub
3. The Purple Place

Favorite Happy Hour

1. Fat’s Asia Bistro
2. Sutter Street Steakhouse
3. Sienna New American Grill

Favorite Cocktail Place

1. Bistro 33
2. Fat’s Asia Bistro
3. Scarlet’s Saloon

Favorite Wine Bar

1. Back Wine Bar & Bistro
2. The Cellar Wine Bar
3. WineStyles

Favorite Bartender

1. Rob Newhouse at Fat’s Asia Bistro
2. Kevin Kindlespire at Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Tista Visconti at Visconti’s Ristorante

Favorite Winery

1. C.G. Di Arie Vineyard and Winery
2. David Girard Vineyards
3. Boeger Winery



Favorite Burger & Fries Joint

1. Smashburger
2. Relish Burger Bar
3. In–N-Out Burger

Favorite Casino

1. Red Hawk Casino
2. Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Thunder Valley Casino

Favorite Movie Theater

1. Palladio 16 Cinemas
2. Regal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14
3. Century Folsom 14

Favorite Playground

1. Promontory Community Park
2. Castle Park
3. Folsom Play for All Park

Favorite Kids’ Activity

1. Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary
2. BounceU
3. Monster Mini Golf

Favorite Park

1. Livermore Community Park
2. Promontory Community Park
3. Lembi Park

Favorite Museum

1. Folsom History Museum
2. California State Railroad Museum
3. Crocker Art Museum

Favorite Golf Course

1. Empire Ranch Golf Club
2. Bass Lake Golf Course
3. Serrano Country Club


Mickey Riley

Favorite Pilates Instructor

1. Suzanne Cardenas at California Family Fitness  
2. Mickey Riley at Broadstone Racquet Club
3. Elizabeth Mullins at Energetic Care Wellness

Favorite Dance Studio

1. Hawkins School of Performing Arts
2. Center Stage Dance Academy
3. Trick’s Gymnastics, Dance & Swim

Favorite Dance Instructor

1. Sheila Ghargozlou at Trick’s Gymnastics, Dance & Swim
2. Robyn Soliman at Hawkins School of Performing Arts
3. Georgina Coleman of Center Stage Dance Academy

Favorite Personal Trainer

1. Maureen Evanoff at Broadstone Racquet Club
2. Val Fujii at Fujii Fitness
3. Celio “Ty” Silva at The Red Pit
A very close #4 – Suzanne Cardenas at California Family Fitness

Favorite Nutrition Shop

1. Elliott’s Natural Foods
2. Nutrishop
3. In2It Nutrition & Fitness

Favorite Gym/Health Club

1. California Family Fitness
2. 24 Hour Fitness
3. Broadstone Racquet Club

Favorite Martial Arts Studio

1. Bowman Martial Arts
2. West Coast Martial Arts
3. Robinson’s Taekwondo

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor

1. Karen Bowman at Bowman Martial Arts
2. Ka'ren Minasian at Robinson’s Taekwondo
3. Gary Merlo at West Coast Fitness

Favorite Yoga Studio

1. Zuda Yoga
2. Bikram Yoga Folsom
3. California Family Fitness

Favorite Yoga Instructor

1. Nick Clark at Zuda Yoga
2. Arlene Jung at Broadstone Racquet Club
3. Diana Vitantonio at Zuda Yoga

Favorite Pilates Studio

1. El Dorado Hills Sports Club
2. Fortitude-A Pilates Studio
3. Body Concepts Inc

Favorite Physical Therapist

1. Dave Thomas at El Dorado Physical Therapy
2. Michael Beretta at Beretta Physical Therapy
3. Rob Kopitzke at Body Concepts

Favorite Chiropractor

1. Suzanne Roberts, D.C.
2. Laurie Andreoni, D.C.
3. Eric McKillican, D.C.

Favorite General Practioner

1. Kristine Burke, M.D.
2. Michele Raithel, N.M.D.
3. TIE: Christopher Olson, M.D. and Robert DeBruin, M.D.

Favorite Doctor

1. Kristine Burke, M.D.
2. Michel Raithel, N.M.D.
3. Anne Priest, D.O.

Favorite Dermatologist

1. David No, M.D., Ph.D.
2. Timothy Rosio, M.D.
3. Scott B. Hearth, M.D.

Favorite Eye Doctor

1. Shawn Palmer, M.D.
2. Robert A. Hoffman, O.D.
3. Thomas A. Jonas, O.D.

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures

1. Kenneth Sumida, M.D.
2. David Kaufman, M.D.
3. TIE: Celia Remy, M.D. and Christa Clark, M.D.

Favorite Dentist

1. Wayne K. Tsutsuse, D.D.S.
2. George Chen, D.D.S.
3. Sean Roth, D.D.S.
A very close #4 – Pieter Linssen, D.D.S.

Favorite Orthodontist

1. Alexis D. Lyons, D.D.S.
2. David R. Datwyler, D.D.S.
3. J. Patrick Dunbar, D.D.S.

Favorite Pediatric Dentist

1. Make a Smile
2. Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
3. Magic Smiles
A very close #4 – Kids Care Dental Group

Favorite Pediatrician

1. Wayne Wolfrey, M.D.
2. Peter O’Malley, M.D.
3. Sally Cullen, M.D.

Favorite Pharmacy

1. Walgreens
2. CVS
3. Innovative Compounding Pharmacy

Favorite Spiritual Leader

1. Brad Franklin at Lakeside Church
2. Jeff Bigelow at Rolling Hills Church
3. Kent Carlson at Oak Hills Church

Favorite Local Hero

1. Jim “Digger” Williams
2. Neva Cimaroli
3. Local Fire & Police Departments

Favorite Local Business Person

1. Jim Snook
2. Steve Wallen
3. Sarah Litchney

Favorite Local Athlete

1. Dano Graves
2. Anthony Dotson
3. Austin Collie

Favorite Civic Leader

1. Robert Goss
2. Joe Gagliardi
3. Jeff Starsky

Favorite Neighborhood in Which to Live

1. Serrano
2. Empire Ranch
3. Lexington Hills

Favorite Annual Event

1. Folsom LIVE
2. Folsom Pro Rodeo
3. 4th of July at El Dorado Hills Town Center

Favorite Local Artist

1. Joey Cattone
2. Lisa Deniz
3. Lisa Magruder

Favorite Local Musician/Band

1. Dave Russell Band
2. Old West Trio
3. Apple Z

Favorite Local Performing Arts Organization

1. El Dorado Musical Theatre
2. Music Circus
3. Sutter Street Theatre

Favorite Charitable Organization

1. Powerhouse Ministries
2. Twin Lakes Food Bank
3. The Grace Foundation

Favorite Best Kept Secret

1. American River Bike Trails
2. Steve Wallen Swim School
3. Superwomen Bootcamp

Favorite Teacher

1. Jean Cavanaugh at Folsom High School
2. Hallie Wallace at Oak Chan Elementary
3. Kelly Hillesland at Vista del Lago High School

Favorite Tutoring Service

1. Kumon
2. Huntington Learning Center
3. Mathnasium

Favorite Preschool

1. Brighton Schools
2. The Phoenix Schools
3. Childrens' Creative Learning Center

Favorite Private School

1. Brighton Schools
2. Golden Hills School
3. St. John Notre Dame

Favorite Athletic Coach

1. Chris Jones at Vista del Lago High School
2. Greg Carson at Loomis Basin Charter School
3. Patrick Gallgher at Oakridge High School

Favorite Place to Volunteer

1. Lakeside Church
2. Folsom Zoo
3. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Favorite Local Web Site

1. MyFolsom.com
2. Stylemg.com
3. FolsomLiving.com


Liisa Ramsey

Favorite Hair Stylist

1. Liisa Ramsey at Echelon Salon  
2. Debbie Hardacre at Chez Beauté Salon & Spa
3. Julia Jensen at Mélange Hair Studio

Favorite Barber

1. Tom Ward at Tom’s Barber Stylist
2. Aaron Ralls at Lucky’s Barber Shop
3. Barber Jon at Barber Jon’s

Favorite Barbershop

1. Lucky’s Barber Shop
2. Tom’s Barber Stylist
3. Barber Jon’s

Favorite Salon

1. Echelon Salon
2. Maribou Spa Salon
3. Republic Salon & Blow Out Bar

Favorite Make-up Artist

1. Stacey Sacco with Chez Beauté Salon & Spa
2. Melina Gonzalez at Maribou Salon on Sutter
3. Amy Davis

Favorite Mani/Pedi Place

1. Belle Nail Spa
2. Excel Nails
3. Style Nails

Favorite Tanning Salon

1. California Sun
2. Spray Tans by Marissa Byrnes
3. Tan Central

Favorite Waxing Salon

1. European Wax Center
2. Studio 415 Salon & Spa
3. Le Spa Day Spa

Favorite Place for a Massage

1. Massage Envy
2. Asante Spa
3. Dream Day Spa

Favorite Massage Therapist

1. Melissa Brown at Alchemy Day Spa & Boutique
2. Holly Campbell at Body Bliss Massage Therapy
3. TIE: Michael Clifford at Hands on Healer and Kevin Gleave at Healing Sensation Massage Therapy

Favorite Day Spa

1. Asante Spa
2. Hoshall’s
3. Maribou Spa Salon

Favorite Place for a Facial

1. Hoshall’s Salon & Spa
2. Echelon Salon
3. Alchemy Day Spa & Boutique

Favorite Facialist

1. Kelly Merritt at Echelon Salon
2. Marissa Byrnes at Chez Beauté Salon & Spa
3. Maureen Mette at Kaufman & Clark
A very close #4 – Myriam Liberman at The Tiger’s Eye Skin Care

Favorite Med Spa

1. Vitality Medical Laser & Skin Clinic
2. Skin 360 Medical Aesthetics
3. SKINovative Laser Center

Favorite Acupuncturist

1. Adina Robinson, LAc.
2. Dr. Karen Pan, LAc, Ph.D.
3. Emiko Okabe, LAc.
Honorable Mention: Wendy Stedeford, LAc.


The Birthday Bash

Favorite Kids’ Birthday Party Spot

1. The Birthday Bash  
2. Tricks Gymnastics, Dance & Swim
3. BounceU  
A VERY close #4: Folsom Lake Bowl

Favorite Veterinarian

1. Blue Ravine Animal Hospital
2. Lake Forest Pet Hospital
3. Pet Vets

Favorite Pet Groomer

1. Bark Avenue
2. sBarkles
3. PetSmart

Favorite Pet Store

1. sBarkles
2. Western Feed & Pet Supply
3. Bark Avenue

Favorite Pet Trainer

1. Jason Davis aka "The Dog Guy" at Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center
2. Mandy Kennedy at Unleashed Dog Training
3. Matthew Margolis at Uncle Matty’s Dog Training Center

Favorite Pet Boarding

1. Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center
2. Wag Hotel
3. PetSmart PetsHotel
Honorable mention: Becky’s Pet Hotel & Grooming

Favorite Florist

1. Exotica Flowers & Gifts
2. The Blossom Shop
3. Crystal Rose Florist

Favorite Family Photographer

1. Shoop’s Photography
2. K. Walker Photography
3. Lisa Jesse Photography

Favorite Art Gallery

1. American Visions Art Gallery
2. Fire & Rain Gallery
3. The Gallery at 48 Natoma

Favorite Art Shop

1. The Painted Cork
2. Our House Gallery and Framing
3. Fire & Rain Gallery

Favorite Print & Sign Shop

1. Sign Chef
2. Signs Now
3. FedEx Office

Favorite Real Estate Agent

1. Judy Black
2. Sue Dreher
3. Nick Sadek

Favorite Interior Designer

1. Destiny Designs
2. L Décor Interiors
3. Decorating Den Interiors
A very close #4 – Guchi Interior Design

Favorite Home Remodeler

1. Guchi Interior Design
2. Destiny Designs
3. DreamBuilders

Favorite Handyman

1. Higgs Construction
2. Sunshine Services
3. Rambo Home Services

Favorite Electrician

1. BC Electric
2. Carroll Electric
3. Eilhardt Electric

Favorite Plumber

1. Wagner Plumbing
2. Robert Texley Plumbing
3. Boyd Plumbing

Favorite Painting Contractor

1. Matt Weideman at Destiny Designs
2. Brent Wallace at Four Seasons Painting
3. Guchi Interior Design

Favorite Landscaper

1. Capital Landscape Development
2. Yamagata Landscape & Maintenance
3. Koch Kreations

Favorite Garden Center

1. Lowe’s
2. Home Depot
3. Orchard Supply Hardware
Honorable Mention: Green Valley Nursery & Landscape

Favorite Carpet Cleaning Service

1. Carter’s Carpet Restoration
2. California Steamin’
3. Folsom Lake Carpet Cleaning

Favorite House Cleaning Service

1. Johnny Sparkles
2. Merry Maids
3. Molly Maid of Folsom Lake

Favorite Senior Living Center

1. Sunrise Senior Living
2. Emeritus at Folsom
3. Ponté Palmero Retirement Community

Favorite Accountant

1. Darla Colson at Gilbert Associates
2. Chris Thomas at Thomas & Associates
3. Sherif Boctor at Professional Solutions Group

Favorite Attorney

1. Sarah Litchney at Litchney Law Firm
2. John Batelaan at John A. Batelaan Law Office
3. Paul Cass at Paul Cass Law Office


Steve Wallen Swim School

Favorite Local Business  

1. Steve Wallen Swim School
2. Folsom Lake Bowl
3. Guchi Interior Design

Favorite Local Bank

1. Folsom Lake Bank
2. Sierra Vista Bank
3. El Dorado Savings Bank

Favorite Credit Union

1. Golden 1 Credit Union
2. SAFE Credit Union
3. Schools Financial Credit Union

Favorite Auto Repair

1. Folsom Car Care Center
2. Moore’s Garage
3. Foreign Autohaus

Favorite Auto Body Shop

1. Bodycraft Collision Center
2. Solis Collision Center
3. Sherm’s Gold River Auto Body

Favorite Oil Change Place

1. Jiffy Lube
2. Folsom Glenn Car Wash & Lube
3. Folsom Tire & Auto

Favorite Smog Shop

1. Smog King
2. Folsom Smog Test Only
3. Smog ‘N Go

Favorite Car Wash Place

1. Folsom Glenn Car Wash & Lube
2. Suds Car Wash & Detail
3. Quick Quack Car Wash

Favorite Dry Cleaners

1. Silverado Cleaners
2. Fresh Cleaners
3. Park Place Cleaners

Favorite Tailor

1. EDH Tailoring & Alterations
2. Rose’s Tailoring
3. Alterations Express


Nugget Market

Favorite Produce Department

1. Nugget Market
2. Raley’s
3. Trader Joe’s

Favorite Farmers’ Market

1. El Dorado Hills Town Center
2. Sutter Street
3. Briggs Ranch

Favorite Grocery Store

1. Raley’s
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Nugget Market

Favorite Health Foods Store

1. Elliott’s Natural Foods
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Whole Foods Market

Favorite Boutique

1. Kissed Goodbuy
2. Spoiled Rotten Women's Boutique and Art Gallery
3. Runway Boutique

Favorite Children’s Clothing Store

1. Starlight Starbright
2. Posh Punkins
3. Children’s Place Outlet

Favorite Toy Store

1. Toys "R" Us
2. Mind Over Matter Toys
3. HobbyTown USA

Favorite Bike Shop

1. Bicycles Plus
2. Folsom Bike
3. Bicycle Planet

Favorite Home Décor Store

1. HomeGoods
2. Gracefully Vintage
3. Not Too Shabby

Favorite Furniture Store

1. Naturwood Home Furnishings
2. Restoration Hardware
3. Home Consignment Center

Favorite Floor Coverings Store

1. BI Design
2. El Dorado Floor & Design
3. Guchi Interior Design

Favorite Window Coverings Store

1. Guchi Interior Design
2. BI Design
3. Blind Spot

Favorite Bookstore

1. Colton Books
2. Bookworm
3. The Bookery

Favorite Consignment Shop

1. Belle Mode
2. Marla Sue’s Consignment Boutique
3. Jordan’s Closet

Favorite Gift Shop

1. Ambiance for the Home
2. Veda Home
3. Melange

Favorite Jewelry Store

1. Berilian Jewelry
2. Rainbow Bridge Jewelers
3. Windsor Diamonds

Favorite Store in Which to Shop

1. Target
2. Kohl’s
3. Nordstrom

Favorite Mall/Shopping Center

1. Westfield Galleria at Roseville
2. Broadstone Marketplace
3. Folsom Premium Outlets


Shoop's Photography

Favorite Wedding Photographer

1. Shoop's Photography
2. Andrea's Images Photography
3. K. Walker Photography

Favorite Wedding Venue

1. Lake Natoma Inn
2. Serrano Country Club
3. David Girard Vineyards

Favorite Rehearsal Dinner Place

1. Sienna New American Grill
2. Café Campanile
3. Fat’s Asia Bistro

Favorite Wedding Florist

1. Visual Impact Design
2. Accents by Sage
3. Flourish

Favorite Bridal Shop

1. De La Rosa’s
2. Dreamnette Bridal
3. Alfred Angelo Bridal

Favorite Wedding Videographer

1. Jensen Wedding Films
2. Liquid Light Video
3. Acti-Video

Favorite Wedding Caterer

1. All Seasons All Reasons
2. Beth Sogaard Catering
3. Bocca Catering

Favorite Wedding Planner

1. A Joyous Occasion
2. Kate Miller Events
3. Fearon May Events

Favorite Wedding Cake Maker

1. Karen’s Bakery Café and Catering
2. Ettore’s
3. Château Arme

Favorite Wedding DJ

1. Exquisite Entertainment
2. DJ Party Service
3. Perfect Sounds

Favorite Wedding Photo Booth

1. Jensen Photo Booth
2. Music & More Entertainment
3. Snapshots Photo Boooth

Favorite Wedding Invitations

1. Bella Vita Invitations
2. Invitations Ink
3. Wedding Paper Divas

Favorite Wedding Officiant

1. Lisa Deniz
2. Kent Carlson
3. Jeff Bigelow

Favorite Wedding Rentals

1. Celebrations! Elegant Party Rentals
2. Folsom Party Rentals
3. Classic Party Rentals

Favorite Wedding Linens

1. Mimi & Co. Luxurious Linens & Couture Chaircovers
2. Simply Elegant
3. Celebrations! Elegant Party Rentals

Favorite Wedding Limousine Company

1. California Limousine
2. Boss Limos
3. Fretty's

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