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2013 Readers' Choice Favorite Food & Drink Winners

Sep 25, 2013 09:11AM, Published by Style, Categories: In Print

Sunday Brunch Buffet at Sienna

Without further ado, here are your 2013 winners!

Favorite Ice Cream/Frozen Treat Place

1.    Pinkberry
2.    Rockin’ Frog Yogurt
3.    Big Spoon Yogurt

Favorite Smoothie Place

1.    Jamba Juice
2.    Juice it Up!
3.    Planet Smoothie

Favorite Pizza Place

1.    Chicago Fire
2.    Skipolini’s Pizza
3.    Pizzeria Classico

Favorite Breakfast Place

1.    The Purple Place Bar & Grill
2.    Early Toast
3.    Sutter Street Grill

Favorite BBQ Place

1.    Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
2.    Sierra Smokehouse BBQ
3.    Back Forty Texas BBQ

Favorite Chinese Restaurant

1.    Fat’s Asia Bistro
2.    Folsom Sunny Garden
3.    Hop Sing Palace

Favorite Sushi/Japanese Restaurant

1.    Mikuni
2.    Blue Nami
3.    Sky Sushi

Favorite Mexican Restaurant

1.    Mexquite Mexican Cuisine and Tequila Lounge
2.    Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant & Cantina
3.    Cascada

Favorite Seafood Restaurant

1.    Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar
2.    Land Ocean New American Steakhouse
3.    Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse & Bar

Favorite Steakhouse

1.    Sutter Street Steakhouse
2.    Cattlemens
3.    Land Ocean New American Steakhouse

Favorite Indian

1.    Curry Club Indian Bistro
2.    India House
3.    Ruchi Indian Cuisine

Favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant

1. Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant
2. The Kabob House
3. Saffron Grill

Favorite Place for Vegetarian Food

1.    Sunflower Natural Food Restaurant
2.    Jack’s Urban Eats
3.    India House

Favorite Deli

1.    Beach Hut Deli
2.    Mama Ann’s Market Deli Bakery
3.    San Francisco Sourdough Eatery

Favorite Salad Place

1.    Jack’s Urban Eats
2.    La Bou Bakery & Café
3.    Coffee Republic

Favorite Romantic Restaurant

1.    Sienna Restaurant
2.    Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar
3.    Bidwell Street Bistro

Favorite Outdoor Dining

1.    Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant & Cantina
2.    Bistro 33
3.    Relish Burger Bar

Favorite Takeout Place

1.    Chipotle Mexican Grill
2.    Fat’s Asia Bistro
3.    The Purple Place Bar & Grill

Favorite Casual Restaurant

1.    Selland’s Market-Café
2.    BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
3.    Dos Coyotes Border Café

Favorite Family Restaurant

1.    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
2.    Visconti’s Ristorante
3.    BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Favorite Waitperson

1.    Matthew Warren at Land Ocean New American Steakhouse
2.    Janet Cheng at Wasabi Asia Bistro & Sushi Bar
3.    Cheryl Beaver at Hacienda Del Rio Restaurant & Cantina

Favorite Caterer

1.    Karen’s Bakery Café & Catering
2.    Beth Sogaard Catering
3.    Bocca Catering

Favorite Bar

1.    Samuel Horne’s Tavern
2.    The Purple Place Bar & Grill
3.    FLB Sports Bar & Casino

Favorite Cocktail Place

1.    Scarlet’s Saloon
2.    Visconti’s Ristorante
3.    Fat’s Asia Bistro

Favorite Wine Bar

1.    Back Wine Bar & Bistro
2.    The Cellar Wine Bar
3.    UnWined (formerly WineStyles)

Favorite Bartender

1.    Tista Visconti at Visconti’s Ristorante
2.    Kevin Kindlespire at FLB Sports Bar & Casino
3.    Mark Groves at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Favorite Winery

1.    C.G. Di Arie Vineyard and Winery
2.    Boeger Winery
3.    David Girard Vineyards

Favorite Sports Bar

1.    FLB Sports Bar & Casino
2.    Manderes
3.    Mark’s Sports Bar & Grill

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