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Prank with Love

Apr 02, 2014 10:43AM, Published by Style, Categories: Today

By Jazmin White
To celebrate April Fool’s Day this year, we’ve found the Golden Rules of Pranking to ensure you can safely indulge in your share of foolery. You’ve got your fake critters, prank call scripts, and water balloons on deck but how can you ensure that your April Fool’s prank will go off without a hitch? For you, we’ve got the “Golden Rules” for any successful prankster.

    •    Plan ahead
    •    Prank with love
    •    Know your victim
    •    Match the prank to the person
    •    Is it harmless? Really harmless?
    •    Have the video camera ready
    •    Use your best acting skills
    •    Time your reveal
    •    If caught, be gracious
    •    Be ready for retribution

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