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Ask the Expert - Beginning Workout

Jan 29, 2015 02:06PM ● Published by Style

Q:  What’s a good exercise to start with if I just recently began a workout routine again?

A:  When starting a new exercise routine, one should consider the core, balance, strength and cardio—all are important factors to building joint strength prior to adding weights and thereby avoid costly injuries. For cardio, start off with a light-to-moderate intensity for 15-25 minutes, depending on the individual. For resistance training, the assisted weight machines would be best to start with, aligning your body into the correct form to ensure safety. As for the amount of weight, you want to use enough so that you accomplish 10-12 repetitions. As your body adapts to your workout, you’ll increase the weight, intensity, and/or change up the exercise. Your body will fully adapt to your workout every three weeks, so it’s important to keep progressing to avoid hitting a plateau. I recommend that you first consult with a personal trainer to ensure proper form, ability and guidance.
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