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Folsom Woman a Finalist for Mission to Mars

Feb 21, 2015 07:47AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Mars One media photo

Kristin Richmond of Folsom is far out.

So far out, in fact, that she may one day be on a trip heading to Mars.

Richmond, 32, recently was named as one of 100 finalist for a manned trip to Mars scheduled for departure in 2024. She was picked from a field of 200,000 applicants for the Mars One program, a private, nonprofit initiative funded by corporate and personal donations.

According to her profile on the Mars One website, Richmond is a civil engineer for the state of California who grew up in the Silicon Valley. 

“The Mars expedition will fulfill my thirst for learning and knowledge, as well as allow me to make a contribution to the human race that I would never be able to make on Earth,” Richmond says in her application video. 

If eventually chosen for the maiden voyage to Mars, Richmond would begin an intense eight-year training program. Those on the mission would never return to Earth, as the trip is scheduled for only one way.

“Of course my husband wouldn’t want me to go,” Richmond told Sacramento’s Fox 40. “He would never hold me back from something I’m passionate about.”

The eventual goal of the Mars One mission is to establish a permanent human settlement on the Red Planet.

The idea for the program was hatched in 2011 by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp. The first phase of the project will be to launch an unmanned ship to Mars by 2018.

For more about the Mars One mission, check out its website.

Kristin Richmond Application Video Courtesy of Mars One.

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