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Folsom Music Instructor: Consistency is Key in Childhood Lessons

Feb 27, 2015 02:04PM ● Published by Style

Stock photography courtesy of Pixabay

Q: My daughter doesn’t practice her instrument regularly. How important is it for her to have an at-home practice schedule?

A: At-home practice is essential to your child’s success and confidence in playing an instrument. Just like carving out time each day for homework, consistency is key with a practice schedule. Short, focused practice sessions (even 15-20 minutes a day) are recommended, as opposed to extended, procrastinated practice before a lesson or rehearsal.

Routine, daily practice allows children to learn the language of music just as they learned to read. Additionally, building muscle memory, proper embouchure (for brass and woodwind instruments), and finger dexterity all develop through regular practice.

Parents should encourage and reward practice time, especially for younger learners. Sticker charts, pennies for playing without mistakes, or your own creative idea can incentivize more than you think! Most importantly, showing up to a lesson prepared allows your child to have positive feelings about learning music and pride in their ability to do so.
Melissa Bartell
Bach to Rock, Folsom

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