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Ask the Expert - Swim Lessons

Mar 25, 2015 01:02PM ● Published by Style

Q: As an adult, how do I get over my fear of swimming?

A:  As with any fear, the only way to overcome the fear of swimming is to face it. The environment in which you learn is a very important factor. It’s imperative to be in a comfortable setting with warm water and proper instruction. The learning curve for adults is similar to that of children, as all students begin learning the same basic skills. Learning to breathe correctly and gaining confidence in the water is crucial. Once the student (adult or child) gets over the mental apprehension, learning to swim becomes much easier.

Kaleb Wallen, Co-owner
Steve Wallen Swim School 
1230 Glenhaven Ct #100
El Dorado Hills
916-939-7075, wallenswim.com

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