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Folsom Mandated to Cut Water Usage Even Further

May 06, 2015 12:06PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Despite a state mandate to cut water consumption by 32 percent, the Folsom Aquatic Center will open as scheduled this year on May 23. Photo courtesy of the Folsom Aquatic Center

The city of Folsom will be forced to take even more action to conserve water after the state announced Tuesday the city must cut usage by 32 percent this year. 

The announcement comes amid the worst drought in California history and after the city cut consumption by 21 percent in 2014. Along with a host of water-saving measures, the city also will implement rebate programs an incentives to residents to cut back. 

“Folsom water customers have done a remarkable job of conserving water, and Folsom has had some of the highest conservation rates in the state,” said Mayor Andy Morin. “It will be a bit of a give and take, but I believe we can band together and strike a balance in order to maintain the high quality of our community while remaining environmentally responsible and in compliance with state regulations."

According to the city, the following measures will be taken effective June 1:
  • Reduce watering in parks by 1/3. Residents will notice dry, distressed grass in some areas of parks. High traffic areas, including sports fields, will remain green.  A schematic demonstrating the effects of the planned reduced park watering schedule is below  
  • Remove  turf and retrofit irrigation in more than 30 medians citywide equaling approximately 1.5 acres
  • Turn off irrigation on nearly one acre of ornamental streetscapes that do not have trees
  • Reduce irrigation run times along city streetscapes and mini-parks to reduce water yet sustain important tree habitat
  • Prohibit new homes and buildings from irrigating with potable water unless water-efficient drip irrigation systems are used
  • Suspend operation of water features at Kemp, Livermore and Nisenan parks this summer.  However, the Folsom Aquatic Center opens May 23 and will remain open and fully operational for the summer season
  • Replace sprinklers at City Hall with water-efficient sprinklers
  • Upgrade other city facilities with water-efficient irrigation systems 
Further the city is asking residents to take the following steps:
  • Limiting watering to two days a week, on designated watering days, in accordance with Folsom’s Stage 3 restrictions
  • Detecting leaks and identifying  inefficiencies with a free water-wise home consultation, commercial water audit or large landscape irrigation audit, available through the City of Folsom
  • Replacing old appliances, fixtures and plumbing with more water-efficient models
The city also announced the implementation by May 13 of several water rebate programs, including: 
  • Cash for Grass Rebate:  Customers can receive 50 cents per square foot, up to $1,000, towards the cost of replacing turf with a water-efficient, drought-tolerant landscape
  • Irrigation Efficiency Upgrade Rebate: Customers can receive 50 percent of the cost of material, not to exceed $500, to upgrade irrigation systems. Qualified equipment includes smart irrigation controllers that adjust to atmospheric or soil moisture conditions, high-efficient rotary sprinkler nozzles and drip system retrofits
  • High-Efficiency Toilets Rebate: Customers can receive 50 percent of the cost of a high-efficiency toilet up to $175, to affordably replace toilets that use 1.6 gallons or more per flush with 1.28 gallons or less per flush
  • High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate: In a program administered by SMUD, Folsom water customers can receive $50 for purchasing a high-efficiency clothes washer
  • Hot Water Recirculating System Rebate: Customers can receive 50 percent of the cost, up to $100, of a recirculating system that provides instant hot water at any fixture in the home

For more information about water conservation resources or to report water waste, contact 916-355-7252 or


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