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Folsom's Public Art Gets a Facelift

Jun 01, 2015 12:34PM ● Published by Lesley Miller

Photo courtesy of Folsom Parks and Recreation.

Folsom has a diverse collection of public art for everyone to experience and enjoy. Many of the works are located in Folsom neighborhoods and help create a unique identity for the spaces where they’re installed.

The Natoma Station Landscape and Lighting District has 21 public art pieces within the neighborhood. Most were installed more than 25 years ago and created by 14 artists, some of whom have since become internationally recognized. The various artworks are made of steel, bronze, resin, metal, ceramic and stone; some feature recognizable animals—whimsical, oversized ceramic mosaic rabbits, steel statues of deer and bronze stylized monkeys—while others feature human shapes or images from the environment, and some are purely abstract.

Over the years, the artworks have endured normal wear and tear from exposure to the elements, plus some unfortunate incidents of vandalism and vehicle collisions. All of the public art pieces were evaluated to assess the repairs that were needed, and last fall the restoration process began.  Two of the original 14 artists who created the Natoma Station artworks—Yoshio Taylor and Donna Billick—agreed to restore their own pieces (the remaining works were restored by art conservator Gary Dinnen). 

The project was funded by combining savings achieved through water conservation, postponement of some landscape renovations, and a donation from an arts advocacy group. Restoration began in spring and will be completed this summer, ensuring the longevity and enjoyment of the works for decades to come.

Folsom’s other public artworks include installations at the Palladio at Broadstone, pieces honoring veterans in Folsom City Lions Park, works at some of the public schools and others. 

— Lesley Miller

To see all of the public art and locations, visit

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