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Ask the Expert: What Does it Mean to Strengthen Your Core

Jun 04, 2015 09:11AM, Published by Style, Categories: Wellness, In Print

Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Q: What does it mean to strengthen your “core” and how does it help?

A: Your core encompasses the muscles from your hips to your shoulders—basically the trunk of your body. Strengthening your core has a tremendous impact on the overall health and alignment of your body. A strong core is the basis for your body functioning properly. When you’re properly aligned, you drastically decrease your chance of injury. It also alleviates and prevents back injury and offsets the aging process by assisting you in maintaining proper posture. Having a strong, healthy spine will also increase the efficiency of your body sending messages to your brain. You will also look better, by standing taller, and obtain a flatter waistline by strengthening the four layers of your abdominal wall.

—Sandra Lemos, Owner

The Dailey Method

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