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Editor's Picks: Folsom Cordova Students Thank Teachers

Jun 17, 2015 03:03PM ● Published by Kevin

Photo courtesy of Folsom Cordova Unified School District

At the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, teachers make an impact on students every day. Not only do students succeed in core academics - improving their literacy, math skills and understanding of science, history and art – but teachers impart myriad, lasting life lessons on children: the value of perseverance, for instance, or how to work together, make good choices and treat each other with kindness.

"Our district is thankful for our talented and dedicated educators – so we thought we’d take a moment as the school year closes to let our students express their gratitude," according to the district's website.

Nearly 200 students submitted thank you notes. Here are our favorites, in the students’ own words.

“I want to thank Mrs. Carter for having the patience to deal with not only me but a class full of kids. Success 100 has helped me a lot. Thank you for not only teaching, but also listening.”

- D.K., Math student, Sutter Middle School

“I want to thank Mrs. Johnson for being there for me when I was stuck in a tough time. It’s nice to know that there is someone I can turn to for help and support.”

- S. D., Journalism student, Vista del Lago High School

“I want to thank Ms. Mc Aleer for being an amazing teacher, super fun and funny every day. You are such a positive person in my life.”

-H.H., health student, Vista del Lago High School

“I want to thank Mrs. Morrison for teaching me how to read. I really like when she helps me and I feel really happy that I can read like my big brother.”

- K., Kindergarten, Blanch Sprentz Elementary

“I want to thank Mrs. Freitas for impacting my life positively. Mrs. Freitas was my math teacher last term and I cannot thank her enough for the things she has done for me. I went to her when I was struggling with prioritizing multiple AP classes. She taught me how to prioritize all my work and that honestly has changed my life. She would take time out of her schedule to make “to-do lists” after school for me. Last term I was a perfectionist. I now strive for improvement, not perfection. One thing that blew my mind was that she proofread my AP English essays… She’s a math teacher and was willing to read my essays for me. I also really hate math, but when I had her as a teacher, I looked forward to going to class. I’m not the best student. I don’t get stellar grades, but I believe what Mrs. Freitas taught me will help me succeed in the future.“

-R.S., math student, Vista del Lago High School

To read more responses, click here to go to the district's website.

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