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Meet Your Folsom Chamber of Commerce Presidents

Oct 02, 2015 09:37AM ● Published by Kristen Castillo

Chances are, you don’t know a lot about your local chamber of commerce executives, so we decided to introduce you to the dynamic people who celebrate local businesses and residents on a daily basis. Read on for a Q&A with two of the most influential people in the area to see what they envision for our community now and in the future.

Joseph Gagliardi, CEO/President of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, Folsom Economic Development Corporation and Folsom Tourism Bureau

What you love about Folsom: I love how Folsom is so business-friendly and economically stable. It’s such a wonderful community with a variety of businesses and incredible amenities. 

Goals for the Folsom Chamber: The primary goals of the chamber are to continue to have a strong economy, having a big impact on the community and helping existing businesses, as well as welcoming new ones. We’re also implementing being a service organization—supporting our businesses and our community.

 The next five years for Folsom: Preserve the Historic District by helping to backfill the vacant retail space; successfully assist existing companies to grow, in addition to attracting new ones; continue enhancing our great K-12 education while supporting Folsom Lake Community College to become a bigger force in the community for higher education; support our public safety providers so that Folsom can maintain its reputation as a safe community; and enhance the recreational opportunities and beautification of both Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake.


Debbie Manning, President/CEO of the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce

What you love about the El Dorado Hills area: El Dorado Hills has so much to love—from our highly ranked schools, fabulous sports programs and Folsom Lake, to over 80 wineries in the county, and all the other wonderful tourism assets. If I had to pick one thing, it would be the people who live here—we are fortunate to have an extremely giving community when it comes to volunteering in our schools and helping all the great nonprofits. 

Goals for the El Dorado Hills Chamber: The chamber’s goals are to strengthen the local economy by retaining and growing our local businesses, along with attracting new companies to the nearly 900-acre business park. Serving small businesses is another goal; we want to be the “go-to” resource for business solutions and are working to develop a Small Business Resource Center—a one-stop shop for small businesses. Advocacy is also a goal (advocate for a business-friendly public policy). We will continue to monitor legislation that can positively/negatively affect our members through our Government Relations Committee and take positions and communicate in the most efficient manner to our members.

The next five years for El Dorado Hills: El Dorado County is at a crossroads on “staying the same” or “growing.” Our hope is El Dorado Hills will continue to prosper as a vibrant community. It’s our goal to create jobs by attracting companies to our business park. Housing is a critical element to jobs; employers looking to relocate need homes for their employees to live in. Maintaining our schools is also essential—new homes equal new students—and maintaining our parks for recreation and youth sports, since new homes equal new parks. Diversity is the key to growth, and growth is a balancing act. One of my favorites quotes is by Lou Hotlz: “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”

Debbie Manning photo by Dante Fontana. Other photo courtesy of Joe Gagliardi.

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