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Style: Folsom | El Dorado Hills

Pro Golfer Kevin Lucas of Folsom is Driven to do his Best

Oct 06, 2015 02:44PM ● Published by Amber Foster

Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

When Kevin Lucas was 13 years old, he was involved in a motocross accident that nearly ended his life. “I flipped over, and the bike landed on top of me,” Lucas recalls. In the hospital, his doctor told him he had a severe concussion, and that he could never risk another head injury. Lucas was devastated by the news, but he soon picked up his next (much safer) sport: golf. “For a year, every day after school, I’d go play golf by myself,” he shares. “I loved it.” Lucas, however, didn’t just want to play golf—he wanted to win at it. He comes from a family of fierce competitors—with one brother a top-ranked bass fisherman and the other a former professional MMA fighter—so like them, Lucas is driven to be the best. After graduating from college, he went pro, often practicing from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week in order to perfect his skills. And his hard work paid off—this year, Lucas qualified for and competed in the U.S. Open, finishing in 98th place. He aims to do even better next year.

In his spare time, Lucas participates in numerous charity golf tournaments. On October 9, he’ll compete to raise funds for Aim Higher  a nonprofit that provides support for children with special needs. He’s also passionate about getting kids involved in the sport, especially since it helped keep him out of trouble as a teenager. “I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for golf,” Lucas says with a laugh. “Golf made me a better person.”

 — Amber Foster


Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Actively listen to people with experience.

Q: What comes to you naturally? 

A: Golf. Sounds cliché, but the game truly did come naturally to me.

Q: What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

A: When someone interrupts a conversation to talk about themself.

Q: Biggest life inspirations?

A: My older brothers—they are so successful and dedicated to what they do, and inspire me every day. 

Q: Best words of wisdom you’ve received?

A: Be humble.

Q: What’s next? 

A: Get full status on the PGA Tour.

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