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Foodie Find: Petra Greek at the Palladio

Mar 29, 2017 01:12PM ● Published by Style

Petra Greek recently joined Palladio’s growing list of eateries, adding a Mediterranean flare to its pizza, sweets and sushi neighbors. And if you’ve never had Greek comfort food before, you’re in for a treat. On my first visit, I asked the cashier for a recommendation and to my (pleasant) surprise, he suggested the Vegi Souvlaki Pita, which was exactly what I had been eyeing. Pronounced, soo-vlah-kee, it’s a type of Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat (in this case veggies) grilled on a skewer and often served with rice or in a warm pita. Just before concluding my order, I eyed their Baklava and couldn’t resist adding a piece to my meal. As I waited for my food’s arrival, my mouth was already watering from the intoxicating aromas of authentic Greek fare (think chicken gyros, spanakopita, pork souvlaki and spicy feta cheese dip) being made to order. Soon, a beautifully prepared plate landed in front of me. The fresh-baked pita was a perfect vessel for the seasoned vegetables, fries (the best part), and creamy, cool tzatziki sauce. Breaking the rules, I also reached for a forkful of the flaky, sweet baklava. The contrast between savory and sweet sent me into a euphoric state, and before I knew it my food was gone. With close proximity to the theater, Petra is the perfect place for a pre- or post- movie meal…and a delicious one to say the least! Petra Greek, 230 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1213, Folsom. 916-693-6397

 By Mackenzie Calderon // Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

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