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Mikuni Now Open at Folsom Point

Mar 29, 2017 01:13PM ● Published by Style

Benjamin Roll

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The newest in the succession of Mikuni restaurants is now open at Folsom Point, and true to form, it’s vibrant, enticing and very busy. Trying to pinpoint the formula for Mikuni’s unique string of successes, I perused their website for any clues, and what I found were words like “imaginative,” “distinctive” and “fashionably hip”—all fitting terms for what has propelled Mikuni to the forefront of its genre.

I wanted to challenge myself to navigate through my meal without devouring any rice, knowing full well their incredible array of Mikuni Maki Rolls would be beckoning, and started with the Tuna Sliders Part 2 (tuna-wrapped spicy crab mix topped with avocado, sauce, panko scallops and sesame seeds with sriracha on the side). Honestly, let’s skip the hyperbole and redundant use of adjectives like delicious, amazing and tasty; everything I tried was, well, delicious, amazing and tasty. 

Next, from the Small Plates Menu, came one of their most popular appetizers, Puff Daddy, featuring tempura-fried shrimp—stuffed with crab mix—accompanied by the house sauce and green onions. That’s crab and shrimp, battered and deep-fried, with a creamy sauce; unless you’re allergic to any of those ingredients, you’re going to have a new go-to guilty pleasure named Puff Daddy. 

Sticking to my no-rice pledge, I ordered the Tan Tan Men Ramen, and was presented with a huge bowl of spicy sesame broth, ground pork and bok choy, topped with green onions and beautiful red chili pepper threads. Talk about a substantial and satisfying bowl of ramen—the pork providing a richness and umami that complemented the spicy broth and al dente noodles perfectly. 

Personal challenges, like New Year’s resolutions, are made to be broken, so when my server Caylin informed me (completely unsolicited) that the Benjamin Roll was her favorite, I felt compelled to order one—just to be as polite as she had been. Caylin’s recommendation made me feel comfortable breaking my pledge, as the Benjamin was everything I crave in a maki roll—eel, seared tuna, panko shrimp, crab mix, avocado, jalapeños, sauce, masago and green onions. Yeah, I said everything. Torched on the outside, it was an explosive flavor bomb that tasted dynamite.

Finally, in the dessert round, I found the Xango Cheesecake—cheesecake rolled in a flaky tortilla and deep-fried, topped with powdered sugar and served with raspberry and caramel dipping sauces. Just like everything else, it was delicious, amazing and tasty! 

Hours:  Noon-9 p.m. (Sunday), 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; 4:30-9:30 p.m. (Monday-Thursday), 11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Friday), noon-10 p.m. (Saturday)

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Alcohol: Full bar; beer, wine, sake and cocktails

Tab: $$

Heads-Up: “$45 for Two” (includes a four-course selection of popular dishes); loyalty programs including the “Mikuni Koki Club” for frequent diner;, various catering options/packages available

185 Placerville Road, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-934-5250
By Lorn Randall // Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

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