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Sacramento Interior Designer Offers 3 Steps to a Fresh Farmhouse

Jul 25, 2017 02:06PM ● By Style

We all know the farmhouse look: lots of reclaimed wood accented by airy white spaces and décor that seems to have walked out of an old-timey barn and into a contemporary kitchen. Though the style is beautiful, it’s saturated the interior design market with its seemingly uniform look.

Instead of the predicatable design—full of minimalist home accessories, reclaimed wood tables and barn doors—we breathed new life into this client's home by creating the look with an organic spin and a focus on fresh coloration and lively accents. Read on to learn how you can accomplish the same clean and contemporary style in your own space. 

Use a Fresh Focal Color as Your Foundation

What we’ve found that’s often missing in the quintessential farmhouse look is color. Because Instagram and other social media platforms focus on the beauty of simplicity, like blank white walls and minimalist style, homes have begun to reflect that over-simplified look. And while it may be pretty on Pinterest, it lacks dimension and authenticity in real life. To overcome this barrier, we used a bright, fresh green as our foundational color and made sure to use variations of it throughout the home. In the living room, it’s found on throw pillows, greenery and window coverings, and in the nursery it’s splashed on the wall as a soothing accent.

Pair Neutral Colors with Lots of Texture

If you’re against any color darker than eggshell, that’s totally fine, too. Another great way to add dimension without committing to a color is through texture. In the kitchen, we opted for beautiful white handmade subway tile and crisp white cabinetry. To warm up the space, we topped the counters with rope place settings, a rustic cutting board and metallic accents like bowls and silverware. The same addition of texture can be seen in the guest spaces, too. Textured linen window coverings, reclaimed wooden chairs and bedding with a little bit of pattern help balance the neutral coloration of the space with cozy and dynamic design elements.

Make Your Favorite Spaces Livable

Our last hint is this: While you want your favorite spaces—like the master bedroom and living room—to be beautiful, you also want them to be livable. When designing around a farmhouse look, choose materials, colors and details that will allow for the dog to jump on the couch, the kids to run through the hallways, or the wine to spill on the rug. The most important quality to design is how a space makes you feel, and if it’s too fussy and buttoned-up, you won’t want to wind down. Consider using performance fabrics on large pieces like sofas and sectionals, indoor/outdoor rugs for areas of the home where people gather most, and countertops and wall coverings that won’t stain or require lots of maintenance, so you can sit back and enjoy your beautifully crafted space.

After you’ve selected your foundational color, paired your neutrals with complementary textures, and emphasized the livability of your favorite rooms in the house, your home is ready to be lived in and loved! 

Kerrie L. Kelly is an interior designer who has created several model homes in Northern California. See her latest set by Elliott Homes in Roseville or online at

Photos courtesy of Brain Kellog. Photo of Kerrie L. Kelly by Dante Fontana.

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