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El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation

Jul 25, 2017 02:05PM ● Published by Style

Top: Gignette Knochenhauer, Johnathon Farris and Macey Viall Middle: Lexia Sun, Chase Rodenspel, Cameron Fechter, Darius Drum and Georgia Smart Bottom: Sera Fessler and Rowan Farlow

Some things you don’t have to promise. You just do.” This quote (from the book The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey) sums up the mission and the momentum of the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation, a group that’s focused on building a better tomorrow for El Dorado Hills. The foundation seeks to aid in continuing improvements of public parks, education, senior and youth services, and recreation programs. After all, what would this foothills community be without these wonderful amenities?  

Allan Priest was introduced to the organization when he was elected to the El Dorado Hills Community Services District’s Board of Directors. Now serving as the foundation’s president, he speaks about its significance for the community. “I strongly believe that we’re all responsible [for providing] time and resources to improve our community and support those in need,” he says. “Since philanthropic support through this or other local non-profit organizations is so important to the fiber of El Dorado Hills, I believe the foundation has a unique opportunity to make it an even better place to live and play.”

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Madison Casey Bottom: 
Nikko Calderero, 
Samantha Chavez and 
Francesco Caso


The El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation (previously the EDH CSD Foundation) has already had numerous key victories. Through various fund-raising and successful grant applications, some of its recent projects and supporting efforts include:

• Grants for the Community Access to Recreational Experiences (CARE) program, which provides full or partial funding to disadvantaged or low-income families for recreational CSD programs

• Wheelchair lift repairs and other improvements on the CSD mini-bus, which provides seniors, kids and others with access to events, outings and recreational experiences

• Financial and program development support for the CSD’s Drowning Awareness and Prevention Program (DAPP), which educates over 300 children on the basics of safety in and around pools, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water

• Grants for energy-efficiency lighting and other sustainable measures at CSD facilities

• Amenities and improvements to the dog park at the CSD Community Park 

• Critically needed improvements to facilities and equipment at the Gilmore Senior Center, which services thousands of local seniors each month

This summer and continuing into the fall, the foundation is sponsoring “Food Trucks,” a monthly fund-raiser at the EDH Community Park. “These events are a fun way to bring together a host of local vendors and food trucks, [with] music and activities, while increasing awareness and supporting specific projects or grants,” Priest says. 

  Looking forward to 2018, a Bark in the Park event is planned to raise funds and awareness for pets and pet owners, and another community fun run may also be in the works.

“As the CSD looks to build and sustain new parks through more than $100 million in identified needs over the next 10 years, now it’s more important than ever to pursue public and private funds to make our community even greater,” Priest emphasizes. “We encourage and ask anyone with an interest in making a difference to get involved and support the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation—through time, talents or donations. No amount of time or funding is too small, and it can make a significant difference to our community.”

By Janet Scherr  //  Photos by Dante Fontana

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