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Folsom Zoo Spotlight: Davey the Deer

Aug 29, 2017 02:46PM ● Published by Style

 The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary’s newest addition, a one-year-old black-tailed deer named Davey, arrived on June 5 from the Department of Fish and Wildlife (he had been confiscated as an illegal pet) and has adapted well—living comfortably in the deer enclosure (a large woodland area with a stream and large oak trees) with three other black-tailed females.

The zookeepers have noticed that Davey has an affinity for sweets, as apples and strawberries seem to be his favorite foods, though he loves corn on the cob as well. 

Remember: Wild animals don’t make good pets. If you find an injured deer, call the Department of Fish and Wildlife so they can properly care for the animal. And if you see a fawn that’s alone, the mother might be away but will return, so it’s best to leave her be.

For more information about the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, visit
by Guy Easterling // Zoo Spotlight photo by Sharifa Moore.

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