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Style: Folsom | El Dorado Hills

Randall Ross

Oct 30, 2017 11:43AM ● By Amber Foster

Randall Ross, the president and CEO of Mercy Hospital of Folsom, grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. He recalls being a rough-and-tumble kid, and a big fan of the great outdoors. “I always seemed to end up in the emergency department for falling out of trees,” he says with a laugh. He also spent time in hospitals for other reasons: His father was a hospital administrator for 37 years, and he looks back fondly on the days when he’d have the chance to tag along and interact with the doctors and nurses.

As a young man, Ross dabbled with the idea of pursuing a career in law enforcement, and even enlisted in the U.S. Army where he spent three years in Germany as a military police officer. After returning to the U.S., however, he soon discovered his calling for hospital administration.  

These days, even after more than three decades in the health care field, Ross still gets a thrill out of watching the day-to-day operations of hospital staff. “They deal with life and death situations every day,” he explains. “It’s very grounding.” He also stays grounded by volunteering his time as a member of numerous community boards, including the Folsom Lake College Foundation, the Folsom Police Foundation, and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. And although he and his wife have two adult children and two grandchildren, he retains his love of the great outdoors. He still hikes, camps and is a mountaineer—although he’s a little more careful not to fall out of any trees.


What comes to you naturally?
Building trusting relationships. I’m also a self-starter, thrive in stressful situations, and have always had a strong work ethic. 

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
The belief that you can multitask by texting/emailing during meetings or when driving. 

Biggest life inspirations?
My wife, two grown children, their spouses, and my two grandchildren. They’re all wonderful and continue to inspire me. 

Favorite humanitarian cause?
Embracing diversity, tolerance and respect for all.

Best words of wisdom you’ve received?
One’s integrity is a key asset that must be protected.

What’s next?
I’m excited about the opportunity to lead Mercy Hospital of Folsom, particularly our plans to expand the hospital so we can continue to meet the growing needs of our community. 

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