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Holiday Safety Tips

Nov 29, 2017 10:11AM


• Park in a well-lit area as close as possible to the mall entrances.

• Store your packages in the trunk of your car.

• Be sure to locate your keys prior to going to your car.

• Avoid distractions like texting while walking to your car.

• When approaching or leaving your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings.

• Make sure no one is following you home for future burglary.

• Ask security, if available, for an escort before leaving your shopping location.


• Shop during daylight hours whenever possible. If you must shop at night, go with a friend or family member.

• Walk confidently and be alert.

• Carry your handbag or purse close to your body with the clasp or flap toward you.

• Don’t display large sums of cash.

• Dress casually and comfortably.

• Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

• Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps.

• Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. “Con-artists" may try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.


• Never allow children to make unaccompanied trips to the restroom. 

• Children should never be allowed to go to the car alone and they should never be left alone in the car. 

• Teach children their full name, address and telephone number to give to police officers or mall security. Teach children to immediately inform you if a stranger is bothering them. 


• Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a few minutes. 

• When leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail. 

• Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer. 

• Leave a radio or television on so the house looks and sounds occupied.

• Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home. 

• Don’t discard the boxes of expensive items where they are visible.

by Master Amitis Pourarian
Owner of The Studio Martial Arts & Fitness - Roseville, CA

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