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Going for Broker – Sponsored Content

Dec 06, 2017 03:53PM

What happens when your broker goes out of business or loses an appointment with your insurance carrier? Wells Fargo just announced that they are exiting the personal insurance business. Hartford recently stopped doing business with some local agencies.

We realize it can be very stressful to receive a letter from your insurance carrier saying you have been cancelled. We have already received phone calls from customers who were notified that their policy would be cancelled because their agent was no longer appointed with Hartford. Sometimes the problem can be solved by just transferring your account to an authorized agent. We have done that for many Hartford clients. Even if your insurance carrier has cancelled you for underwriting reasons, that does not mean you cannot obtain insurance from other carriers at competitive rates.

Many agents work primarily for one insurance company. If that insurance company is not the best choice for you, they may have no other options. Independent agents / brokers do not work for the insurance company and they often represent several carriers. It doesn’t cost any more to use an independent agent; in many cases it actually saves money. Independent agents are paid commissions by the insurance company, just like the captive agents.

So, if your agent goes out of business or you receive a cancellation notice, seriously consider going for broker.

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