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Home Design: Latest and Greatest 9 Must-Try Trends

Jan 23, 2018 05:30PM

With each new year, we like to sweep the previous year “under the rug” and start fresh. Your home is no exception, and if you’re looking to kick up your décor while staying ahead of the curve, you might find inspiration from these nine design trends.

1) Deep dark walls

From rich charcoal to matte black and even plush currant, there’s a definitive trend toward highly saturated walls, usually accompanied by lush honey and cream accents. In the past, most shied away from dark walls, as they were thought to give a room the sense that it was smaller than it was, but we’re currently seeing a swing toward making rooms feel cozier and inviting—a look you’ll easily achieve with a dark enveloping color. Start with just one wall if you’re not ready to commit to all four.

2) Florals in billowing fabrics

Florals seem to always be on trend, but we’re talking big graphic florals—petals that overtake the entire pattern and really leave a statement. We’re seeing them in large flouncy fabrics, such as draperies and wall coverings, as well as club chairs and pillows. Start with a few toss pillows to dip your toes in.

3) Vibrant colors in lush textures

Jewel tones seem to be on our list each year, however, we’ve noted gloriously bold fuchsias and richly hued blue-greens in velvet ottomans and emerald-tufted sofas. It’s no surprise then that Ultraviolet was named Pantone’s color of the year; add it in with a little texture, such as a cozy throw in a bright color, to help a neutral chair really come to life.

4) Pale pink with stately navy

Last year everyone was abuzz with Millennial Pink—a soft ethereal hue of the typically feminine color that we saw nearly everywhere. You can expect more of that color this year, even bordering on lavender, but what catches our eye is the mixture of these baby pale colors with a bold and sophisticated navy accent—a look that makes the former color a bit more adult and masculine.

5) Marble textures and patterns

Not only are we finding a lot of art marbling, but we’re seeing the pattern of marble too, usually in a pale gray or white with veins of rose gold. We suggest using this trend sparingly and with something you can easily change out if the trend fades, like smaller décor items or artwork—perhaps the face of a clock or the handles of some barware.

6) The tech home

In 2018, you can expect an extremely smart home. From devices that can order pizza or replenish your refrigerator with more groceries, to security cameras that help you keep an eye on the comings and goings of your home no matter where you are, the tech home is certainly the future of design.

7) Brushed Brass

Brushed brass has been trending for some time now, but is something that’ll be more readily available at the mass consumer level. The real trick comes in mixing those hues with cooler toned nickel and stainless steel that you may already have in your home. Think of the brass as a warm tone and mix in other warm tones, like olive and rust, to blend it all together.

8) Geode as a pattern

This falls right in with “marbling” as a trend. In recent years, geode slices have taken on a luxe feel when they’re the right size and color for the room. As a large-scale pattern or print, they make lovely and bold art and even wallpaper. Again, this might be a short-lived trend, so decorate sparingly and cautiously.

9) Boucle as a texture

We love a good boucle. Though oftentimes we see it on clothing, it’s a luxurious texture that can be quite pretty on pillows, slipper chairs, and even placemats for an elegant meal setting. 

What better way to breathe new life into the year than with a few new décor items or a freshly painted wall? We can’t wait to see which of these trends shake out this year. 

By Kerrie Kelly, FASID

Kerrie L. Kelly is an award-winning interior designer, author, and multimedia consultant. She has authored two books: Home Décor: A Sunset Design Guide, published by Oxmoor House, and My Interior Design Kit, with Pearson Professional and Career Education. To contact her, visit or call 916-706-2089.

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