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Healing With Hemp

Jun 28, 2018 05:15PM

There’s an explosion in the use of cannabis-related products in the holistic pet health world. While we’ve all been reading stories regarding the growth of the cannabis industry for humans, the influence in the pet industry has been similarly impactful. The active ingredient in these products, CBD, is extracted from hemp and the cousin of the more well-known THC—the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. CBD, however, has no psychoactive effect and many useful benefits for pets, including:



•Spasm episode reduction

•Pain relief

•Anxiety reduction

Examples of pet products containing CBD include treats, oils, CBD-infused honey, capsules, salves, and even itch-reducing shampoos; and the results thus far have been truly astonishing. As with any other pet supplement, you may wish to seek the input of your veterinarian before introducing CBD into your pet’s holistic regimen. Additionally, it’s recommended that pets receive only products created in human-grade facilities.  

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell, Co-Owner  //  sBarkles  //  850 East Bidwell Street, Suite 150, Folsom  //  916-984-0102,

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