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Style: Folsom | El Dorado Hills

Introducing: Lisa Evans, Colorist at Adagio for Hair

Jul 27, 2018 04:44PM

4356 Town Center Boulevard, El Dorado Hills, 206-719-3347,

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?

After relocating to El Dorado Hills from Boston three years ago, I was commuting to the East Coast once a month to take care of my longtime clients. I’m thrilled to now be part of the team at Adagio for Hair where everyone is committed to providing the best service possible for every guest. Since my early teenage years, I knew I wanted to do hair and have focused my career on color for the last 17 years. 

What was the first job you ever had, and what did you learn from the experience?

Baskin-Robins. I learned early on about customer service and presentation. No one wants a sloppy ice cream cone!

What life accomplishments are you most proud of?

Personally, completing my first triathlon. It was the hardest thing physically, other than having children, that I’ve ever done; I had to tell myself "You are strong" the whole way in order to finish.

Where do you go when the going gets tough?

To my yoga mat to find inner peace.

What’s your biggest job perk?

Fostering relationships with my clients and seeing the self-confidence they walk out with after our time together. 

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?

Sky Sushi.

If you could be in any other profession, what would it be?

I love decorating my home and could see myself doing interior design work or being a party planner—anything where I can express myself creatively.

And finally, customer service is…?


photos by Dante Fontana

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