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Style: Folsom | El Dorado Hills

Catch All: A Perfect Day in Apple Hill

Oct 11, 2018 09:07AM

Apple Hill is one of our region’s most popular destinations, so if you’re planning on visiting, it’s best to map out your day beforehand. To get started, visit the directory on the Apple Hill website ( and download the app ( Then, arrive early, throw your diet out the window, and grab a fresh-baked donut for breakfast. Opening hours vary at each business, but High Hill Ranch opens at 7 a.m. on weekends and makes some truly sweet treats. Next, peruse the variety of craft and food vendors sprinkled throughout, including Abel’s Apple Acres and Apple Ridge Farms. For those looking to get their hands on some fresh produce, visit one of the many u-pick places like 24Carrot Farm and Goyette’s North Canyon Ranch, where you can find apples, pumpkins, and more. Even though you’ve been snacking on apple-flavored everything, by now you’re eager for lunch. Many farms, including Bodhaine Ranch, Mill View Ranch, and Larsen Apple Ranch and Bakeshop offer homemade plates of savory goodness. Perhaps a little wine tasting is on your agenda? If so, Boeger Winery, Madroña Vineyards, and North Canyon Cider Company provide idyllic and (literally) intoxicating spots to rest. Whatever your itinerary looks like, remember to pack water and extra snacks, wear comfy shoes and layers, and savor the beauty of the region. See you on the trail! 

By Emily Peter

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