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Make a Statement this Spring with 7 Stylish Entryway Ideas

Mar 27, 2019 12:16PM

A home's entryway—oftentimes an overlooked space—sets the tone and personality of your property and provides a perfect opportunity to leave a lasting and positive impression. Here are some ideas to create an unforgettable entrance—one that’ll make a memorable (and functional) statement.

Add a mirror to reflect your interests.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Not only does a mirror allow you to take one last look at yourself before greeting guests, but it also reflects light into the entryway. The frame style and size of the mirror can add a great design element to the space, too, hinting at what’s to come in the rest of your home. A mirror incorporating a shelf is an added bonus, as you’re able to display objects that reflect your interests or drop keys and mail. 

A stylish door sets the tone for your home.

Shut the Front Door

A wonderful way to highlight your style and set the tone for your home’s style and color palette is to incorporate a beautiful front door that enhances your abode’s architecture. If you have a contemporary crib, a front door with linear windows is a great choice, while a stained wood or glossy painted door with brass hardware can set a more traditional tone. 

Add lighting for both function and ambiance

 Let There Be Light

A gorgeous ceiling light fixture or wall sconce adds illuminating personality to a space. If your entry is small, add lighting for both function and ambiance via table lamps on a console. A larger entry can accommodate several, dramatic-looking ceiling fixtures hung at the same height, ultimately adding a design element while providing a glowing halo effect.

Interest Underfoot

The floor is often referred to as the “fifth wall” of a home. An area rug that incorporates your personal aesthetic adds to your home's style with color and texture. Area rugs also prevent dirt and dust from being carried throughout the home. Patterns created with your flooring are a great way to define an entry space, while wood installed in a pattern not seen through the rest of the home, such as a herringbone or rectangular pattern, is also very inviting.

Add a console table for an appealing and practical furnish.

Table Talk

A console table is an appealing and practical way to furnish your entry. It provides the ideal drop-zone when you come through your front door and doubles as an interesting piece of furniture.

Take a Seat

For a larger entry area that can accommodate a chair, ottoman, or bench, it’s a great place to add seating, as it provides a convenient place to remove or put on shoes. What’s more, upholstered pieces add warmth, color, and pattern.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Add Artwork

Meaningful paintings and family photos say volumes about your interests and style and can be enjoyed as you come and go. Talk about a great way to pique the interest of a guest as they enter your abode while telling your unique style story. 

By Kerrie L. Kelly, Fasid

Kerrie L. Kelly

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an award-winning interior designer, author, product developer, and multimedia consultant helping brands reach the interior design community. To contact her, visit or call 916-919-3023.

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