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Downtown Napa

Once a bustling economic hub and Gold Rush staging location, this landmark of the Napa Valley, until recently, was overlooked for years by leisurists and wine enthusiasts heading a little farther north to dressier Valley scenes. Now, after a revitalization and renaissance of the downtown waterfront, art and food scenes, this charming town with numerous restored buildings exudes a fresh urban vibe with much to see, do and taste! There are reasons-aplenty to slam on the brakes for a stay in Napa proper.

A Royal Escape

Our adventures started in London, and as luck had it, the recent Royal Wedding took place the day after we left. We considered staying to participate in the royal day, but decided that the throngs of tourists and locals were not our cup of tea.

Paso Robles

And those rumors about the wine in Paso Robles? All true. In fact, after visiting a few local wineries, if our guide had told us we were in Sonoma or Napa, my mildly tipsy self might have just believed him.


Coronado’s delightful surroundings will beckon you in and beg you not to leave!


...when vacationing in a city like Sydney there’s no time to waste. A stay at the centrally located, five-star Observatory Hotel didn’t leave me awake counting sheep or kangaroos! Reminiscent of a 19th century Australian home, this Orient Express property offered superior luxury and service without being stuffy.

Oahu, Hawaii

With easy flights to Oahu from Sacramento via Hawaiian Airlines, the Aloha hospitality begins before you even leave the Mainland.

Lake Tahoe

Perhaps Mark Twain said it best when he described Lake Tahoe’s beauty as a place “where the water is clearer than the air, and the air is the air that angels breathe.”


Need a getaway? Think the three R’s: Renew, Restore, Rejuvenate. Many destinations fill the bill, but few deliver as much or more than Berkeley.

Las Vegas

Fortunately, nostalgia isn’t completely lost in Sin City. There are pockets of the cool 50s and 60s all over Vegas, from Historic Downtown to the bustling Strip. Here are a few highlights:

Salt Lake City

Capital Recreation